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I have been involved in photography all my adult life.  During my engineering career it was mainly an avocation, recording my travels, family and the environment around me.  At work I was an early adopter of digital technology using it to generate illustrations for product documentation.  By the late 90's I had given up film and purchased a series of increasingly capable digital cameras.

When I moved to Madrid New Mexico I decided to make photography a second career and set out to accumulate the equipment and education necessary to provide truly professional services to the local community.  You can view what this has involved from the Tools and Education pages.

If any one word can describe me as a photographer it is "versatile".  I can do essentially any photographic project with my equipment and training.  In the few cases where I haven't done a particular type of work I use the incredible resources of the Internet to learn what I need for the project.

I encourage you to check out the tabs above to learn about specific areas of my work.

Commercial Photography

This category includes images made for specific commercial purposes.  In these projects I will discuss the uses you wish to make of the images and then come up with a plan including the appropriate lighting and imaging equipment.  I can work at your location or in my home studio. 

Head Shots

With all the filming going on in New Mexico many of us are getting the itch to be in the movies.  One of the things you need to even have a shot is a good set of photographs "head shots"  I can make a set of images of you that express the kinds of looks you can project.  After the shoot I can retouch to remove blemishes if you like.  You will need to provide costumes and makeup but I will provide appropriate lighting and make you look good.  Click Here to see some shots I have done for local thespians.


In the 80s I shot several friends weddings and then didn't pursue this further.  Recently one of the ladies in Madrid got married and asked me to shoot the event.  It all came back to me and she and her new husband were very happy with the shots I took.  Click Here for some examples from that shoot and a subsequent project.

Web Content

If you have a web site or if I am creating one for you you will definitely want high quality photographs to represent your products or services.  While the resolution needed on the web isn't all that high, attention to detail is required to be sure your photos are the best possible.  Here are some examples of my work.

Advertising Content

As with a web site, print advertising often calls for photography.  Color accuracy and higher resolution are required for this application.  Here are some examples of photos I have take for print advertising.

Art Reproduction and Artists Portfolios

One of the most challenging task for a photographer is to photograph an artwork so that the resulting print looks as close as possible to the original.  Of course this goal is never totally met but by applying the right tools and skills I can approach it very closely.

Fine Art Prints

This is the very most critical work I do. Using a high resolution camera special lighting and a fully color managed workflow I can create master files for fine art prints.  I do not have the professional printers needed to provide these prints but I have several friends who do have them and together we can provide fine reproductions for people who love your work but can't afford your originals.  Prints up to 3x4' can be made that look very similar to your originals.  These fine art prints are made with archival materials so will look the same a hundred years from now with reasonable care. I can't show you examples of this work on the web but you may see some of my prints around some of the galleries in Madrid.

Artists Portfolios

When you are looking for a gallery to represent your work you probably don't want to carry all your originals around.  You need a set of photographs that give an accurate representation of your work.  Accurate color rendition and proper lighting are needed.  I can provide prints up to 13X19" or I can create a CD with both screen size and full resolution digital images.

Low Cost prints and postcards

Conventional type C prints can give you an opportunity to distribute reproductions of your works in situations where fine art prints are too expensive.  I work with a professional photo finisher that will make essentially any size prints in one day and using priority mail the total time to get your prints will be less than a week.

Postcards of your works can be an excellent low cost way to let people get an idea of what kind of works you create.  I can take the photographs and format your back side text and you will have from a hundred to thousands of postcards in about a week.

Event Photography

One of my favorite pastimes is attending public events and recording both the performance being presented and the enjoyment of the audience.  For this type of work I am primarily an unseen or unnoticed observer rather than being involved in the interplay between performer and audience.  You will see this work in my yearly Madrid Photo CDs as well as specialized event CDs.

I am one of the official photographers for the New Mexico Body Painting Guild.  This group holds informal body painting Jams several times throughout the year and has a fall event "U.S. Body Painting Festival"  This three day event starts with an amateur jam.  The next day is the preliminaries ending with a show of the finished works.  The third day is the finals again ending with a runway show.  I produce a CD recording the painting process from start to finish through the show for each of the painters and models.  This Link will take you to some samples from this project.

Scenic Photography

My wife and I have traveled extensively.  I try to capture the beauty of each of the locations we visit.  A future project is to digitize the negatives from trips I took prior to having good digital cameras.  Samples:

Manipulated Images


Wildlife Photography


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